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Technical Projects Thread Directory (under construction)

I am NOT including any threads that are locked or asking a question, as they would just clutter this thread even more than it already is. This does go in alphabetical order. It starts with symbols, then numbers, then letters.

Active Projects


A Neural Network Predicting Battle Results - betairya

An Automatic Team Generator Using Usage Stats - MacChaeger

CleanRMT: A RMT Formatting Tool - Nineage and TheFenderStory

Collaborative Teambuilder (with an Integrated Damage Calc) - Lemonade

Compendium Generator - OrdA

dom's Potentially Slightly Helpful Stuff n Things - dom

Pokemon Showdown Damage Calculator by Austin

Team Planner for Pokemon Sun & Moon by richi3f

Clean RMT: A RMT Formatting Tool by Nineage

Random Team Generator by Honko

Gen 1-to-3 All-in-one Editor and Converter by MetropolisJ

Bracket Maker by idiotfrommars

Usage Stats Viewer by scpinion

Shadow Sync - A Google Chrome Extension by KingofGamesYami

PokeCrafter (Gen 3 Save Editor) by ertaboy356b

Pokemon Team Builder by DigitalFlow

Twitch Chat Pokemon Database Bot by TheMetalFleece

Ladder Filter by qpie

Pokemon Toolbox Application by Zeathus

ATTN Gen III (FRLG) Save Editor developers - Joyful Game Corner by Aladore

Pokemon Team Syntax by forsureitsme

Trigger's PC (LEGIT Gen 3 PokeBank/ItemBank and Save Manager Tool) by trigger_death

Project Onix by Antar

TIBot by The Immortal

Collaborative Teambuilder by Lemonade

OU Weakness Checker by OrdA

PkmGCSaveEditor by Tux

6th Gen Damage Calculator by Honko

EV Spread Usage Statistics by Quite Quiet

Team Finder by Epic M

Pokemon Showdown! Auction Bot by Nineage

RBY Dex App by Bul Ikana

Type Matchup Calculator by richi3f

Competitive Website based on PS! Replay Algorithms by Uphaze

Moody: Calculating Probabilities by exp1.1

Pokemon Daycare Probability Calculator by alfalfascouting

Smogon Sprite Generator by sandshrewz

PS! Importable to Legit PKHeX Files Converter by FullLifeGames

Gen 6 Java PKHex clone PKX Data by MetropolisJ

Single and Mass Damage Calculator by gamut

EonTimer / ZomgTimer by Toast++

Gen VI Stat and IV Calculator by Tyrell D. Barnes

FR/LG RNG Timer by Misdreavus



Completed / Archived / Abandoned Projects
100% Javascript Version of MetalKid IV Calculator - MetalKid Inactive

4-in-1 Project Development Thread - King N deleted

6th Gen Android Pokedex Checklist - codennis Inactive

6th Gen Damage Calculator - Honko

6th Gen Hackmons Cup Set Generator - Kris Inactive

6th Gen PKX Delta Android Editor - MetropolisJ Inactive

A New Competitive Website Based on PS Replays Algorithms - Uphaze Inactive

All Known Pokemon-related Formulas - Actaeon Damage Resource

All Pokemon in the Pokemon Online Boxes - TheSpeedyShaymin Inactive

All-Variable Damage Calculator - Help Robot 9001 Inactive

Analysis Links Project - firecape Inactive

Android App for Data and Teambuilding - baronvonfonz Inactive

Android App for Finding the Best Stats of Endurance - armor376

Android Client for Pokemon Showdown - RainFountain and TeToN Inactive

Anki2 Pokemon Name Sprites and Flashcards - Kimby Inactive

Attack Survival Calculator - Stats Inactive

Auctionbot Revamp - V4Victini Inactive

Awesome mIRC IV and Stat Calculator - genious999 Inactive

Base Stat and Resistance/Weakness Scoring - genwinner Inactive

Base Stats Damage Calculator - Steinhauser Inactive

Battle Spot Singles Team Helper - Johta user is still active and likely to respond

Battle Dex - battledex Inactive

Battling Tool (Excel) - Accent Inactive

Bracket Maker - idiotfrommars Inactive

BW Animated Pokemon Icons - Birkal Still useful

Catch % Calculator - Corpsecreate Inactive

CC4Wifi - Antar Inactive

Chained hiny (4th Gen) Multispread Calculator - Zari Inactive

Chrome and FireFox Link Fixing Extensions - Toast++ Inactive

Complete IV Breeding Probability Calculator (Gen 4) - 16.5th Dimension Inactive

Covered Pokemon v0.1 - moqca Inactive

Cross-Platform Timer - Toast++ Deleted

Cube On: A Battle Bot - Artemis Fowl Inactive

Damage Calculator - DougJustDoug Inactive

Damage Calculator API - Nineage and TheFenderStory users are still around

Damage Calculator for mIRC - Mekkah Inactive

Damage Calculator with Moveset Import Functionality - wtset Inactive

Detailed Speed Calculator - Joim Inactive

DPP/HGSS Method 1/J/K IV Checker - callforjudgement a resource for earlier gens that probably doesn't need to be active anymore but still useful

Egg Breed Chain Calculator - Darkmaster77 Inactive

EonTimer / ZomgTimer - Toast++ Inactive

EV Spread Usage Statistics - Quite Quiet

EV Tracker for iPhone - DanLite Inactive

EV Trainer - Android App - Jetched Inactive
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